Luxury bathroom design and installation in Kent and London

Using lighting to improve your shower experience

A brand new shower experience using amazing LED lights to create the perfect mood.

The family bathroom: often a scene of havoc and consternation in the morning as everyone jostles for space and time to brush teeth, fix make-up, shower and … other things.

It’s also a place that has to be multi-functional and versatile for handling different demands.

That’s why the bathroom lighting you choose is so important: so that it can accommodate detail-orientated tasks while also providing a soothing ambience when you simply want to relax.

Why we choose LED lighting for our bathroom?

When creating a lighting plan for your bathroom, there are a number of things to consider:

• Energy use – how much it costs to install and power the lighting
• Colour temperatures – what shade of light should your bulbs cast?
• Brightness – how bright do you want the bulbs?
• Safety – bathrooms are wet areas and the lighting you choose needs to protect against potential hazards

LED lighting, compared with traditional lighting methods, wins on all-fronts when it comes to these 4 important factors.

Significantly, it’s far, far cheaper to run – 90% cheaper to run than traditional alternatives, in fact. They also last years longer, so you’ll save money on buying replacement bulbs.

You can also choose different colour temperatures – ranging from very warm white to cool white – so you can create more bespoke lighting schemes.

Here are the available colour temperatures and their respective kelvin ratings:

• Very warm white – up to 2200K
• Warm white – 2200-2700K
• Daylight – 4000-5000K
• Cool white – 5500K +